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Reverse Logic has published its Race Ramps service ramp calculator and trailer ramp calculator on Google Docs. The service ramp calculator graphs the path of your car over 10 different service ramp models. The trailer ramp spreadsheet tool compares 20 different Race Ramps models as well as your existing trailer ramp (or trailer door) to help identify the best fit ramp for your car/trailer combination.

The spreadsheet tools are shared documents. So, the variables will be set to the measurements entered by the most recent user of the tool. Google Docs does allow you to download the tools and use the, on your local computer which will improve performance. The trailer ramp spreadsheet is fairly large and takes a few seconds to redraw the graphs when you change the variables. The tool is not really usable on a smart phone due to the shear size of the spreadsheet.

The calculators displays inch-by-inch car-to-ramp clearance. The trailer ramp calculator takes into account the decrease in car-to-ramp clearance once the rear tires start to climb the ramps. However, the tool does not calculate the breakover angle clearance as your car crosses over the rear edge of the trailer deck. This calculation has to be made manually.

The step at the high end of the trailer ramps can vary from 1" to 3" depending upon the ramp model. A few ramp models also can accommodate a flap at the end of your trailer door. Currently, the spreadsheet calculator does not adjust the clearance values where the existing ramps (or door) rest on the Race Ramps. This means that there could be a slight increase or decrease in the clearance at that point depending upon how well the ramp step matches the thickness of the ramp.

The overhang value entered in the tool is the distance from the front axle to the most forward point on the car. For an open trailer you only need to be concerned with the clearance in the tire path until the car reaches the trailer deck. The same is true for service ramps. For an enclosed trailer, the clearance along the centerline of the car is more important.

Open the trailer ramp calculator at this link:

Rectangle Slope Font Office supplies Line

Open the service ramp calculator at this link:

Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel


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