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[ Video ] EK Kanoo's SPE GTR goes [email protected]/h ( 161mph )

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1.9 60ft + missfire [email protected]/h
- at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).

More details coming....Side note, today his Supra went [email protected], yup....Thats another World Record!

Congrats Ebi, you killin' em out there!! Way to represent Bahrain and the Middle East! Good stuff brother, keep em coming!

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That is an 8sec car

Inshallah next time you break into the 8s EK
Looking good Kanoo!
what exhaust is on that orange gtr??
Mines I guess
great time and good run
great run and numbers!!

i agree with max_35...for some reason, the drag strips in the region are stingy :p
its either that or the track prep/weather affect the runs..

that day on yas,,,,not a single gtr (and there were atleast 8 gtrs running that night) could do quicker than 1.85secs in the 60ft!!!!!
Love the color, you have to see it in person. It's gorgeous
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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