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water in the headlight, warranty coverage?

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Hi Everyone,

My first post, just picked up a 2010 for a about mth, recently I noticed my driver's side headlights has allot of moisture inside the lens after driving in the rain, or car wash. I search on the main forums, and seems to be a problem for few owners in the USA and gotten warranty coverage. Did anyone have similar experience? Did the dealer fixed it by warranty? Can anyone recommend a good GTR tech/dealer around GTA to service the car, and also look into this issue?

Appreciate for any pointers!


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Hey JEETR, congrats on the sweet ride! I am awaiting my car and have been dealing with Alta Nissan (Specifically Adam Harkness) He is fantastic, the dealership has treated me very well. I would recommend giving them a shot as when I was there I specifically asked about the condensation issue and Adam mentioned that if it were to happen it would most likely be covered. He also brought me out when I ordered the car and personally introduced me to the GT-R certified tech, who was a similar mindset. IE: Both car guys.

I can't say for sure it will be covered for you, (Although I assume it will be) but I can say for sure that you will be treated with respect.

If you do go to Alta, tell Adam Christopher sent you.

Mista Cheese
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