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Here's my 200+ picture write-up on a 2008 ML350 full interior detail and exterior 2 step winter prep. Onto the write-up:

What was done:
- Before pictures
- Wheels hit with Sonax full effect and meguiars wheel brightener
- Tires treated with Adams APC and prima nero
- Engine treated with in and out spray
- De-Bugged with 1Z Bug and Tar Remover
- Exterior wash using lusso auto bathe and foam gun w/ CG MSii
- Door, hood and trunk jambs cleaned
- Prima nero on undercarriage
- Aquartz Iron Cut to decontaminate
- Clayed entire exterior including windows
- Taped up
- 2 step - menz sip -> menz super finish -> menz powerlock
- Rubber and vinyl cleaned w/ In and Out, Prima nero
- Exhaust tips cleaned and polished
- Windows clayed again and cleaned with prima clarity
- Wheels waxed with Prima Wheel Armour
- Exterior Wax -> 1Z Glanz Wax

- Leather cleaned with Leather Master
- Vacuum
- Trims treated with Prima Nero and 1Z Cockpit Premium
- Interior glass cleaned with clarity

Products used:
Exterior wash:
- Lusso auto bath
- Gilmour Foam gun w/ CG MaxiSuds
- Uber wool wash mitt
- Blue microfiber wash mitt
- Uber super drying microfiber towel
- Prima nero on undercarriage
- Aquartz Iron Cut
- 1Z Bug and Tar Remover

- Adam's APC
- Adams In n out spray

- Leather Master Super Remover
- Leather Master Vital Leather Conditioner
- Leather Master Protection Cream
- Uber leather cleaning brush
- In n out and Prima Clarity and Nero to clean the trims

Paint correction:
- Porter Cable PC 7424XP
- Flex PE-14
- Uber green and orange 4/5.5 pads
- Surbuf pads 5.5
- Megs 105
- Menz superfinish
- Menz SIP
- Menz Powerlock

Now for the pictures



These wheels were bad :(


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done for the day

Clay was very contaminated, Iron cut definitely helped out but the car was still very bad

37 degrees! too cold :(

new garage mate

interior before, heavily stained


Misc interior places before



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Thanks Tim!

And Thujone, I'm not going to link you because I'm not sure how forum rules go here but it's called Aquartz Iron Cut. I'm not 100% sure of what it does but I think it basically lifts Iron deposits off the car and it's like a quick touchless decontamination. It's no replacement for a clay treatment but Iron Cut sure does cut down on the claying time. On white cars you can see the iron deposits come off the most, looks like a purple car in some lighting

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What product are yuo cleaning the leather with ?

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TripleJs, I'm using Leather Master Super Remover, Leather Master Vital Conditioner and Leather Master Protection Cream in that order.

Dsu, PM coming your way
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