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You are very close to Performance Automotive in Malvern Pa.
I found this shop on this forum. They have changed tires on GTR's before and they have the experience and equipment to get the job done.
In fact they guarantee not to scratch your wheels. They are a little bit pricey but fair. Two gentlemen are the leaders of the business ( Paul and Peter)
I resonantly had all four tires changed there. I got the R2's . They did a nice job. I had to get them re balanced after some mileage but they fixed the problem. Now the car rides great.

I really like the young man who worked on my car. I believe his name is Ken. He takes his time with the GTR's and is very care full. Nice Guy too.

Performance Automotive basically specializes on Porsche and European cars and race cars. So they are accustomed to working on high performance vehicles.
Also one great thing is there alignment lift is in the ground so they just drive the cars right on to it. There are no weird ramp configurations that some businesses do to accommodate our cars. The GTR front spoiler rubs everywhere if they don't know what they are doing.

This is a good place and you can have a nice feeling that you know that your car is not the first. You will find out that a lot of places have never changed tires on R35's but they will say that they can try and do it. Don't be the first.
They will not even know how to align the car and they will probably ask you how to take the under panels off the car. Not a good feeling if your the customer with your $90,000 car.

Call around I'm sure there might be some more performance shops down there.

If you call Performance Automotive tell them Dan with a black GTR said you guys where good. Maybe they will give me a discount next tire change. LOL.

hope this helps .
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