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Where to buy GT-R USA vs Europe

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New guy here. Long story short - were looking for BMW E9X, dealer offered a new one from factory as I wish for 90$, I said that I rather have a GT-R with some numbers on it. So here I am.

The prices in europe is about <80 000$ on 2008/2009 with 10 000-25 000 km's on it.
I have found some decent (maybe members here will suggest some better ones) ones going about 70 000$.

So I have few questions :

1) Does the GT-R from USA has some major differences from EUROPE one ?
2) I have seen some topics here about transporting car form USA to EUROPE, but this is more tricky, because firstly I need to buy car here and get to Europe (Lithuania)

Any opinions or suggestions are really welcome... Hard to find someone with such experience here :D

PS: Thank you search founded ( STUPID ME.
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Shipping to Europe is very easy. If you need help let me know, thanks
Thank you!

My friend has a'black '09 US spec GT-R for sale. The car has done about 9000 miles.
Car is located in the Netherlands, EU import tax and VAT have been paid.
PM or [email protected] if interested
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