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Who has in stock Zele Side Skirts and Rear Valence

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I have been trying for months to purchase these items and no one has them. I see an add that mentions they have them but actually they are only taking orders. Can anyone help??
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We make an effort to stock Zele parts as much as possible, but as they're very popular, they often sell out quickly. With that said, we have quite a few sets currently on order that should be arriving relatively soon, so if you're interested in reserving a set, please contact us.
what is a set price? Side skirts, rear valence/ diffuser, front splitter/lip spoiler?
you could try

I have ordered a few things from them and they ship within 2-3 days
If you are interested in "Zele" Chinese version let me know. I can tell u where u get lip, skirts and rear for around 1k.
Please let me know were to get them from the chinese version.
Please let me know were to get them from the chinese version.
theres some china copies on ebay

and they look crap

eg; rear diffuser looks like it's melted

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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