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Found some wheels off a g35 and I was wondering if this would fit a R35 or is the offset too aggressive?

Front 18x9.5 +12
Rear 18x10.5 +12
The widths and offsets aren't the only things to consider when confirming brake clearance and fitment. Placement of the spokes and other aspects of the wheel can lead to issues as well.

But based solely on the widths and offsets, the fronts are quite aggressive. To put it in perspective, there's a lot of guys running the TE37 Ultra and other similar wheels in a 10 +30. Some have gone as aggressive as running the 10 +25 which poke out past the fenders. A 9.5 +12 wheel will sit 7mm further outward than the 10 +25. Depending on what your goal is, stretched tire, suspension upgrades, and lots of camber would be needed.

On the flipside, the 10.5 +12 aren't aggressive at all. Most guys run a 12 +20 in the back, and a 10.5 +12 is 11mm less aggressive than that. So if you do manage to fit these on the car, the fronts would poke out quite a bit and the rears would then be tucked in quite a bit.

Would look quite odd in my opinion.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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