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We come across plenty of GTR transmissions that have had the Front Wheel Drive gear come loose and damage the shaft due to the stock retaining circlip springing out of position. Obviously our WR35CC Gear Fastener System stops this in the first place, but some havent got that far yet, and the result of a circlip failure can do this -

Note the shaft is damaged and the splines have been chipped, which makes a conventional locking arrangement for the FWD transfer gear nearly impossible - or at least not up to a high horsepower standard. The previous solution has been to purchase a whole new shaft assembly, and fully strip down the gearset to fit an aftermarket shaft in place. Lets say now, the stock shaft is a - very - good and high quality piece.

Signs of the circlip failing (partially) are a noisy operation of the transmission, which you will hear at idle, and this is due to the bearing pictured now taking part of the main shaft thrust as the shaft moves forward and allows the transmission gears to rub against their opposing synchro hub. Transmissions in this state are not far from total failure....

This is where we designed the WR35SRK (Shaft Repair Kit) that uses a rifle bolt principle to internally brace the mainshaft and allow a high torque, high clamping load solution to hold the entire gearset together. Machined from Chrome Moly and with very careful design put into its oil pathways and 'anti-whip' structure WR35SRK slides inside the original Main shaft and provides a proper bolt up clamp where the existing circlip groove has been destroyed.

Precision machined and with the correct taper to make it an interference fit inside the factory Main shaft WR35SK doesnt require the gear cluster to be dis-assembled for fitment, which makes the repair a quick and easy process once the transmission is out of the vehicle.

The new rifle bolt slides directly into the Main shaft and exposes a threaded end to which the FWD Transfer gear can now locate

An image to show how the drive plate now bolts up against the FWD transfer gear, and once correctly torque applies the correct preload to the entire shaft assembly

An important consideration is the lubrication that occurs inside the factory shaft. This has been taken into account during the design phase of WR35SRK and all oil galleries remain perfectly free flowing and - although we wont claim this - I believe improved due to the whip stops that have been engineered along the length of the shaft

Its an interesting transmission development and will provide an affordable and highly effective solution to GR6 main shaft repair from this common failure. Pricing details to come soon, but it will be a fraction of replacing the original shaft and provide a highly durable, quiet, and fully functional result. There are some interesting applications for this product in extreme high power applications as well
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