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Up for for sale is my 2011 CTSV coupe A6 with around 30K miles on the odometer. This CTSV was sent to Phoenix Arizona to be outfitted with a turbo kit by a company called Black Market Racing. It has a very extensive list of mods and honestly can't remember all that has been done, however, all and all there's at least 40k into the car. I am looking to either sell or make a deal on a GTR.

  • Recaro Seats
  • Sunroof
  • Aeroforce Guage
  • Vented Hood
  • Forged 360 Spec 5 wheels
  • Brand New Continental DVS06 Extreme Tires (265/35/20 Front and 315/35/20 Rear)
  • All chrome blacked out
  • Roof Wrapped Black
  • BMR LED fog lights w/ surrounds
  • 20% Tint on windows
  • Custom exhaust tip designed by Justin Linkenfelter and titanium wrapped by BMR
  • Fore Innovations Dual Pump kit
  • ID1000s
  • WeaponX Track Attack HX
  • WeaponX High Flow HX Pump Kit
Black Market Racing's Fully loaded Turbo Kit:
  • 2 EFR 8374's Borg Warner Turbos
  • BMR Water to Air Intercooled Intake Manifold
  • BMR Fuel Rails to Fit Intake Manifold
  • BMR T4 Turbo Manifolds
  • Downpipe w/ recirculating Wastegates
  • Charge Pipes for AW Intake Manifold
  • Turbo Oil Drain Reservoir
  • Dual Coolant Reservoir (Approximately 4 gallons)
  • Heat Shielding
  • Subframe Bracing
  • Undertray for Turbos
  • 2 Tial 44mm Wastegates
  • Turbowerx Oil Scavenge pump and mounting bracket
  • Turbosmart EStreet Boost Controller
Brand New LSX Block:
  • Custom 4.070 2618 alloy pistons coated skirts and hard anodized tops
  • Total seal file fit ring package
  • 6.125 length H beam heavy duty connecting rods
  • 4340 Forged steel 4.00" stroke crankshaft
  • Clevite coated main and rod bearings
  • ARP main and head stud kits
  • Block line honed, plate honed, and professionally squared
  • C5R timing chain
  • Melling High Pressure High Volume oil pump
  • Rotating assembly high speed balanced
  • All clearances measured to spec
  • BTR cam, springs and pushrods speced by Black Market Racing
As of 11/25/2015: The car now has had a complete LSX engine swap, built, installed and tuned by Gwatney Performance Innovations here in Arkansas. This was performed so that the car would be much more reliable and have the potential to grow much further in the future.

The CTSV is currently on a very safe tune and puts down: 839rwhp/805wtq @ 15 PSI on pump gas. The car has never ran race gas so can't tell you what the results would be on that and has also never been tracked. The new motor also has less than 15 miles on it currently.

As mentioned before might be more stuff in there but that's about all that I could recall. A majority of the work can be seen on BMR's websites and on the CTSV forums. I also have all of the receipts and invoices to back the work as well.

LOCATION: Little Rock, AR
PRICE: 60,000 OBO
SHIPPING: At buyers expense

If you have any questions then please PM me or for a faster response, I can be reached via text to 901-502-0111.



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Added a few more pics that I found of the car but more importantly than that, I included the actual write up for this car from Black Market Racing (before the new LSX block was dropped in). The write up should provide a little bit more info on the build itself. Also the pic in the write up is when it was wrapped in a chameleon color shift dip and had the old wheels. We've obviously since decided to go a whole other route once it was actually completed. I'm also open to any reasonable offers from anybody interested in the car. The CTSV has plenty of room left to grow even with it's current setup, I just do not see the need to do so at this point since am looking into pursuing other projects at this time.


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Looks great. How was the chrome trim blacked out? Just painted?

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Thank you Joe. The roof, part of the front bumper, the Cadillac emblems and most of the chrome were all professionally vinyl wrapped. The only exceptions are the side vents and grilles which we had to use plasti dip in order to blacken. Essentially, the car can be returned to it's stock look at any time.
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