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A new Extreme Summer tire to challenge the Bridgestone RE71R and comes in GTR OEM sizes for fit OEM wheels

Both XL load rated, 7/32" tread depth, Aggressive minimal tread pattern. No other sizes in 20"

255/40-20 $287.53 each

285/35-20 $384.03 each

Only one size in 19"

245/35-19 not usable for GTR

In 18"

295/35-18 $387 each, fits rims 10-11.5" wide, perfect for 10.5" wide rim, XL load rated, 7/32" tread depth, tire diam. 26.2"

315/30-18 $410 each, fits rims 10.5-11.5" wide, perfect for 11" wide rim, Standard load rated, 7/32" tread depth, tire diam. 25.6" which is very low


Yokohama MS compound for track-ready use and extreme grip

Wide center ribs, wide outboard shoulder

Small notches in tread pattern for cooling and reduce water

As with other Extreme Summer tires, I would not expect heat cycling to be of advantage for better wear on the track or for autocross.

Tirerack test results from June 2019

A052 is easier to live with for street use. It's good in dry or wet

It's suitable for autocross or time attack but tread wear might be faster.

So if any owners are using this tire and want to comment please post. I would expect this tire to be good for driving school, time attack or autocross when you don't want to have an extra set of wheels and tires for the event. It could be used for daily driving but tire wear would be something to check as the rubber compound may be soft almost like a streetable track tire. If running -3 negative front camber I could see this tire have better wear and use but with OEM alignment I am concerned that front tire outer treads will be worn very fast.

285/35-20 is suitable for square setup on OEM GTR wheels no need to use staggered tire sizes. For now no other tire sizes from Yokohama.

Durablity may be an issue for me, my RE71R are almost 3 years old and still working for me for street use and for autocross fun runs and driving school events. They are worn and not as soft as new yet they continue to lay down times that overlap track duty cars on race tires. I can also use 295/30-20 tires square on OEM wheels.
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